The Season

May – June

The action is close to town in the early summer. Shoals of herring and needle fish attract the big Chinooks (King Salmon, Spring salmon, Tyee – over 30 pounds). These fish are mixed stock, from different home rivers, gorging on bait. Halibut make things exciting; they start showing up in June. Ling Cod add to the menu, depending on just the right tides.


July – September

The mass migration of all five Pacific Salmon species down Johnstone Straight (the Inside Passage) shifts our focus north of town. This is a much longer run, about 45 min., so day trips are recommended. The Killer Whales and Porpoises usually put on a show for us and the mountain scenery is spectacular. This is a natural fish highway

We always target Trophy Chinooks. As the summer passes, huge schools of Sockeye and Pink Salmon make Hot Action and a Full Bucket. Some tides will bring a squadron of beautiful Northern Coho (Silvers ). We keep the Fly Rods ready for these high speed fighters and Spinning Gear for a quick cast to schools finning on the surface.

This is peak season!

Late September – October

Chum Salmon Time. Wow! Every local fisherman shows up for this intense fishery. We think it’s the only place on the coast to catch this species in silver bright condition before colouring to go up stream. They average 10 to 25lb and when the Chum schools pass, double headers and triple headers are common. Chum is one of the better smoking fish

October is usually an Indian Summer here. Also the fishing is close to town so 1/2 Days work well and off season rates apply on your accommodation.

November – April

There is great Chinook Salmon fishing throughout the winter and spring. We can also drop a crab trap at this time of year.

March through May we can try for Halibut as well and prawn fishing is also available.

Freshwater & Tyee Rowing & Heli-Fishing

local knowledge is important, Randy Killoran coordinates these specialties.  It is a real privilege fishing with a true master like Randy.

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The action is close to town in the early summer. Shoals of herring and needle fish…

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